Who is Stromer Hills?

Canadian born and raised rapper/singer-songwriter Stromer Hills is a true embodiment of authenticity. His unafraid and tell-it-like-it-is songwriting has cultivated a dedicated & cult-like audience that follow his every move and it is expanding exponentially. Upon graduating from Bishop Carroll Highschool in Calgary, Alberta, Stromer has been releasing a string of captivating new singles, raking in almost half a million plays on SoundCloud in his first year. 

Stromer is now showcasing his ability to deeply connect with new audiences and convert passers-by into raving fans by scoring multiple #1s and top 10s on Soundclouds new and hot and global charts. His single “BETTER OFF” hit #1 across all countries on August 25th, 2021 and stayed there for 3 whole weeks, proving that Stromer has the “staying power” that many artists long for. His next single “LOVERS” hit #10 in the USA on November 9th 2021 earning him his second consecutive top 10 in the span of only two months. As a testament to Stromers versatility, his most recent charting is “LEMONZ FREESTYLE” which dominated the R&B global charts at #2, right behind Doja Cat on February 24th 2022. 

Raised in Calgary, Zachary Skarzynski and his father would listen to music in the car often playing the game “name that tune”. The variety consisted of mostly classic rock and heavy rock acts like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Travelling Wilburys, Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC which left him with a taste for “all things classic” and a longing to explore a multitude of genres moving forward. While Zach’s mother and father always appreciated good music, he did not have particularly musically inclined parents or family making him quite the unique outlier.  Playing in bands as a drummer, guitarist and even bassist eventually led him to fill in as an MC one day as his band's vocalist couldn't perform. This was when he discovered his passion for using his voice as an instrument. Years later he began creating his own music from scratch, learning to produce, and relocated from Northern Alberta to the West Coast, where he currently resides in Hollywood to continue maximising his opportunities for success and building his brand. 

“Skar Boy” is some of Stromers work from when he was playing in bands ranging from years 2016-2018. He says he wanted to release it because it is very near and dear to his heart and wants to let fans have a closer glimpse at what built the foundation for the Stromer Hills we know today. While “SINKING” explores the duality in longing for closure but also not wanting to revisit old trauma, “CALL ME” is perfect for late night drives and making it all a little easier to forget. His previous single “CONTROL” released in March of 2022 features experimental pop production with intoxicating vocals featuring a conversation between him and God. A sort of dialogue between the two characters flourishes as the odd array of layered instrumentals flowers beneath it all.

Stromer Hills continues to experiment to find the nieche for his brand. Songs like "if you like the way i walk" relased in the second part of 2022 lead to full country songs like "Swapy Tonk' ,"Country Girls"or "Silverado dream".

January 2023. Not released yet country song "7YEARS" was awarded Finalist status in UK Songwriting Contest 2022. Out of 8 songs entered the remaining 7 songs got awarded as follow: 4 songs in Singer/Songwriter, Country and RnB/Soul category got up to Semi-Finals and 3 were Highly Commended.

March 2023. International Songwriting Competition 2022 in Nashville awarded country song "Swapy Tonk" Semi-Finalist, still awaiting final results.

“…he is a breath of fresh air…”   The Other Side Reviews

“…he is a rising pop sensation…making waves in the pop music space…”   Plastic Magazine

“…no doubt Stromer’s latest single will be on stage near you soon.”  The Minimalistic Music Blog

“ Stromer Hills has arrived. The greatest work to come now…has remarkable and underplayed flexibility with his voice.” Skope Magazine

“This highly charged state of creativity never threatens to overwhelm the audience…I hear a contemporary voice, undeniable and ready to meet the challenge of making music that matters…his single reaches out to large audience”  Vents Magazine

“…musician absolutely delivers something that feels extremely unique.” Deathordesire Magazine

“…zero question that he’ll conquer unexpected territory with future work…he is in for the long haul…the most contagiously melodic vocal hooks you’ll hear in 2022…a modern version of an in-the-pocket rhythm, something you can feel in your hips…this is a songwriter, rapper, and musician ready for the next level” Indie Music Review

“…personal blend of light hip-hop, melody, R&B and soul that doesn’t sound like anyone else working today…his vocal idiosyncrasies …Hills can sing like proverbial angel and does so…but his voice has a seductive timbre as well…Few pop songs come as complete as this…You can’t and won’t easily forget encountering Stromer Hill’s work for the first time…” Indie Shark Magazine

“ With his unique voice, message, and connection with his fans Stromer Hills is in the position to rocket into stardom and become a household name. His mission extends further than just to make good music, providing to be a beacon of light to his followers and speaking to a generation that need hope with true heart and passion” Honk Magazine

“We love the soundscape and out of this world levels of futurism in the production…Memorable hooks and dimensional vocal performance.”   Karlismyunkle  Magazine

Stromer Hills -BETTER OFF (Official Music Video)

“…song ‘if u like the way I walk’ does more than depict the eternal dance between potential partners, it’s a song about searching for a connection, however brief, and dealing with all the baggage that comes with our searching. Hills genius is framing it in a way that virtually everyone can relate to…The production is outstanding. Listeners feel like they are in the steady hands of a major league talent…It is a song that cuts across every conceivable divide…”  Indie Pulse Music Magazine

“…an absolute delight… and hopefully in the future I review more from Stromer Hills.”  TJPL news

“…the best musical discovery in a playlist.”   Aficiablog in Radar Magazine